Two reviews of movies that have been around

This is my first chance to pass along a few movie reviews using my Z-factor rating system.

Please ignore the fact that these movies have been out for a while. Given my current income status ($0 for the last two months),  I find I am attracted to the second-run theaters that give discount prices on tickets and popcorn.

So you’ve probably seen one of these, and you probably haven’t seen the other, just like everybody else.

The Tourist Rated PG13 –  Z (Probably two, but Angelina Jolie is in it.)

I might have dozed through more of this thriller, but the audience kept me up, making noise and everything. Sharon and I arrived early, claimed a seat we thought would be private, and settled down. Then the rest of the small audience slowly filtered in, congealing around us like the jelly in a Vienna sausage can. The theater was about one-third full, and they were all within earshot of us, because we heard everybody whispering.

Except for the old lady who came in talking loudly about how it was her birthday and she’d sit where she wanted. She kept talking loudly throughout. Shortly after the movie started one of the men in her group stood up, turned around and turned on one of those small but powerful LED flashlights, apparently looking for a coat because he asked us all if we’d seen it.

Added to this yak fest, there was a texter sitting next to Sharon who never turned off his cell phone, a pre-teenager who sat next to me, when he wasn’t running around the theater, and whispers, whispers everywhere.

I guess people feel that if they pay $3 for a movie, they pay for the right be as obnoxious as humanly possible.

About the movie: It was OK. Plenty of action. Some nice plot twists, although you can see the end coming about 15 minutes before the film-makers want you to. Some violence. A little unpleasant language, but mild compared to most PG-13 movies you’ll see geared to an adult audience. It dragged just enough in the middle to earn that single Z.

I know it got terrible reviews, but that’s not what this is about, is it? It would make a pretty good video rental.

Tangled Rated G –  Zero Z’s

I went to this because of Trish, who was cutting my hair when I told her about the Z-ranking and added that any animated film automatically earns a ZZZ rating because I just can’t stay awake no mater how hard I try.

She said this movie was different, and she was absolutely correct. It was great. I enlisted a granddaughter as my companion, even though she had already seen it.  It wasn’t hard to talk her into going, although Sharon claims she was jealous.

I loved this retelling of Rapunzel. We’ll probably buy it. Sharon is looking for someone to buy the upcoming Blue Ray-DVD combo pack, and splitting the two versions, with us taking the DVD. (Which pretty well rules out my chances of getting a Blue Ray player for my birthday, doesn’t it? Sigh!)


2 responses to “Two reviews of movies that have been around

  1. Angelina and no sex in “The Tourist”? That’s a mild travesty.

    Your cinema experience sounded like our recent viewing of “Jane Eyre.” People, mostly blue hairs of all folks, whispering and jabbering the whole film.

    Good to hear you got on with Xactware. I hear they’re a pretty good outfit.

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