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Hunt for the hotel and more

(This is a continuation of the previous post.)

Once we were back on the road, we faced a problem — we could not find our hotel. Sharon had booked a Hilton near Windsor because we were going to spend our first full day in England with Jack and Derek and Helen at the British version of Legoland. Sharon is writing a travel story about the park.

But we drove up and down the same stretch of highway with no luck, looping around roundabout after roundabout. We stopped and asked. Then we looked some more. Then we stopped and asked. again

It took us hours, literally, to finally find the hotel tucked away into a small but secluded bit of ancient woodland only a mile or so from where we had been driving for hours. Derek and Helen had been waiting for some time and were starting to worry. They gave us a cell phone to use for the rest of our journey, which was a good thing.

Then they took us out to a pub for dinner and talked to us while we fell asleep at the table after a night on the plane and a day on the road, all filled with stress. We were ready for bed that night.

The next day, we drove around for a long time, about the same routine as the night before, trying to find Legoland, which is marked well on the motorway, but impossible to find from surface streets, which is what we were doing. I had to stop twice to ask directions (and bought my first bottle of Irn Bru – a Scottish soft drink that tastes like a cross between bubble gum and Mountain Dew – and a Yorkie candy bar (yum!) in the process).

Sharon hates this. (Not the Yorkie. She liked that a lot.) She hates being lost. She hates feeling out of control. She hates wondering if she will every see anything familiar ever again. She hates relying on a map and she isn’t fond of riding with me when I drive down these narrow streets.

But I love it. It’s an adventure. You get to stop and talk to people, and then try to follow their convoluted directions. You get to see things. We drove by the Ascot horse racecourse at least three times. That’s the one featured in “My Fair Lady.” How cool is that?

I had to stop and ask directions twice, but we finally got there, and all this driving was getting me used to the car and the roads. We were happy to park, get out of the car and into Legoland. Derek, Helen and Jack were waiting for us, but we knew this, thanks the cell phone.

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